error in strong number parsing >,] from [psallo <See definition 5567>,] to touch or play on a musical instrument, properly denotes such sacred songs or poems as are sung to stringed instruments, and may here refer to those of David; hymns, [humnos <See definition 5215>,] from [hudo,] to sing, celebrate, praise, signifies songs in honour of God; and songs [ode <See definition 5603>,] from [aeido,] to sing, denotes any regular poetic composition adapted to singing, and is here restricted to those which are spiritual. # Ps 95:2; 105:2; Mt 26:30| * making. # Ps 47:7,8; 62:8; 86:12; 105:3; 147:7; Isa 65:14; Mt 15:8; Joh 4:23,24|
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