error in strong number parsing >,] curious, that is, magical arts, in which sense the word is used in the Greek writers. The study of magic was prosecuted with such zeal at Ephesus, that [Ephesios <See definition 2180> gramma <See definition 1121>,] the Ephesian letters, certain charms, or words used in incantation, became much celebrated in antiquity. * and burned. # Ge 35:4; Ex 32:20; De 7:25,26; Isa 2:20,21; 30:22; Mt 5:29,30| # Lu 14:33; Heb 10:34| * fifty. Probably Attic drachms; which at 7.削. each, would amount to 1,562(9c2e) 10s. or at, 9d. each, to 1,875(9c2e)
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