error in strong number parsing >,] from [tetras <See definition 5069>,] four, and [arche <See definition 746>,] government, properly signifies a prince, or ruler over a quarter of any region; and had its origin from Galatia, which was governed by four princes. In the New Testament, however, it denotes a prince, or king, who reigns over the fourth part of a former kingdom. By Herod's will his kingdom was thus divided among his sons: Archelaus had one-half, consisting of Idumea, Judea, and Samaria; Herod Antipas, one-fourth, consisting of Galilee and Perea; and Philip the remaining fourth, consisting of Batanea, Trachonitis, and Auranitis. * he. # 21:25; Isa 22:5; Mic 7:4|
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