error in strong number parsing >,] from [epi <See definition 1909>,] upon, and [enduo <See definition 1746>,] I clothe. * naked. That is, he was only in his vest, or under garment; for [gumnos <See definition 1131>,] naked, like the Hebrew {arom,} is frequently applied to one who has merely laid aside his outer garment. See 1; Sa 19:24; 2; Sa 6:20, on which see the note. To which may be added what we read in the LXX, Job 22:6, "Thou has taken away the covering of the naked," [amphiazo,] the plaid, or blanket, in which they wrapped themselves, and besides they had no other. In this sense Virgil says, {Nudus ara, sere nudus,} "plough naked, and sow naked," i.e., strip off your upper garments.
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