error in strong number parsing >,] long strips of linen, a few inches in breadth, brought round the [sindon <See definition 4616>,] or sheet of linen in which the corpse was involved, and by which the [aromata,] or spices, were kept in contact with the flesh. In reply to sceptical objections, it is sufficient to observe, that he who could raise Lazarus from the dead, could, with a much less exertion of power, have so loosened or removed the bandages of his feet and legs as to have rendered it practicable for him to come forth. Tittman well observes, that Lazarus was restored not only to life but also to health, as appears from the alacrity of his motion; and this would constitute a new miracle. # 20:5,7| * Loose. # 39; Mr 5:43; Lu 7:15|
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