error in strong number parsing >] being understood;) which, says Hesychius, was the same as the Ionian sea; and Strabo says that the Ionian gulf "is a part of that now called the Adriatic." But not only the Ionian, but even the Sicilian sea, and part of that which washes Crete, were called the Adriatic. Thus the scholiast on Dionysius Periegetis says, "they call this Sicilian sea Adria." And Ptolemy says that Sicily was bounded on the east by the Adriatic, [hupo <See definition 5259> Adrias <See definition 99>,] and that Crete was bounded on the west by the Adriatic sea, [hupo <See definition 5259> tou <See definition 5120> Adriatikos pelagos <See definition 3989>.] * the shipmen. # 30; 1Ki 9:27; Jon 1:6; Re 18:17|
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