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08395 08397旧约新约 Strong's number
08396 rAb'T\   出现经文 影像 地图 相关查询
08396 Tabowr {taw-bore'}

源自一个与 08406 相关的字根;

钦定本 - Tabor 10; 10

他泊 = "石墩"
阳性专有名词 山名
1) 在以斯得伦平原突起并被隔绝的一座山,惟其西面一狭窄山脊连接至拿撒勒丘陵

专有名词 地名
2) 在他泊山峰附近之一镇
3) 位于西布伦境内一利未人米拉利族之城市

专有名词 树木
4) 扫罗贝撒母耳膏抹后回家路上之一橡树位置
08396 Tabowr {taw-bore'}

from a root corresponding to 08406;

AV - Tabor 10; 10

Tabor = "mound"
n pr mont
1) a mountain in the plain of Esdraelon rising abruptly and insulated
   except for a narrow ridge on the west connecting it to the hills of
n pr loc
2) a town around the summit of Mount Tabor (1)
3) a city of the Merarite Levites located in the territory of Zebulun
n pr arbour
4) the place of an oak tree which was on the homeward journey of Saul
   after he had been anointed by Samuel