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07886 07888旧约新约 Strong's number
07887 h{liv\  Aliv\  Alyiv\   出现经文 影像 地图 相关查询
07887 Shiyloh {shee-lo'} 或  Shiloh {shee-lo'} 或 Shiylow {shee-lo'} 或 Shilow {shee-lo'}

与 07886 同源; TWOT - 2376; 专有名词 地名

钦定本 - Shiloh 32; 32

示罗 = "安歇之地"
1) 以法莲的一个城市, 是约柜及会幕暂时的所在地, 也是撒母耳成长的地方
07887 Shiyloh {shee-lo'} or Shiloh {shee-lo' or Shiylow {shee-lo'}
   or Shilow {shee-lo'}

from the same as 07886; TWOT - 2376; n pr loc

AV - Shiloh 32; 32

Shiloh = "place of rest"
1) a city in Ephraim and temporary home of the Ark of the Covenant
   and the Tabernacle, the place where Samuel grew up