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06289 06291旧约新约 Strong's number
06290 \   出现经文 影像 地图 相关查询
06290 Pa'ran {paw-rawn'}

源自 06286; TWOT - 1728; 专有名词 地名

钦定本 - Paran 11; 11

巴兰 = "充满洞穴的地方"
1) 一个旷野的地区, 北至巴勒斯坦, 西至以东的旷野, 南至西奈的沙漠, 
而东至亚拉巴的山谷; 出埃及时就是经过这片区域, 而且十八次的停留可能都是在这片区域之内
06290 Pa'ran {paw-rawn'}

from 06286; TWOT - 1728; n pr loc

AV - Paran 11; 11

Paran = "place of caverns"
1) wilderness area bounded on the north by Palestine, on the west by
   the wilderness of Etham, on the south by the desert of Sinai, and
   on the east by the valley of Arabah; the exodus was through this
   area and probably all 18 stops were in this area