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02062 02064旧约新约 Strong's number
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2063 eruthros {er-oo-thros'}

字源不详; 形容词

AV - Red 2; 2

1) 红色的
 1a) 红海 ( 徒 7:36  来 11:29 )
     印度洋冲击阿拉伯和波斯海岸, 造成两个海湾, 在东方的叫作波斯湾, 另一个在阿拉伯半
     岛的另一边. 在新约中, 此字用以指阿拉伯湾的上(北)面的部分(Heropolitie 湾, 
     即所谓的苏伊士湾), 以色列的祖先就是由埃及经此处而进入阿拉伯半岛沿岸.
02063 ἐρυθρός, ά, όν 形容词
红色的」。ἡ ἐρυθρὰ θάλασσα海( 出10:19 等) 徒7:36 来11:29 。*
2063 eruthros {er-oo-thros'}

of uncertain affinity;; adj

AV - Red 2; 2

1) the Red Sea
   1a) the Indian Ocean washing the shores of Arabia and Persia, with
       its two gulfs, of which the one on the east is called the
       Persian Gulf, the other on the opposite side the Arabian. In
       the NT the phrase denotes the upper part of the Arabian Gulf
       (the Heropolitie Gulf, so called [i.e. the Gulf of Suez]),
       through which the Israelites made their passage out of Egypt
       to the shore of Arabia.